Plants of the Bible: Broom Tree

Plants of the Bible: Broom Tree - Jerusalem Prayer TeamI Kings 19:4

But Elijah himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came
 and sat down under a broom tree.  And he prayed that he
might die, and said, “it is enough!  Now, Lord,
  take my life, for I am no better
than my fathers!”  

The broom tree is actually a large desert shrub in the juniper family.  The name most likely is derived from an old Germanic word for bramble or thorny shrub.  The fact that broom branches were often used for sweeping may have led to the tool for sweeping today being called a “broom.”

The greatest diversity of the tree is found in the Mediterranean.  They thrive best in poor soils and growing conditions.  When cultivated they need little care, though a good drainage system is necessary as they perform poorly in wet soils.  As well as ornamental landscaping plants, they are also used for wasteland reclamation and sand dune stabilizing.


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