Obama to Visit Myanmar, Not Israel. Why?

There is a famous line in “The King and I” that is the perfect response to President Obama’s choosing to visit Myanmar (Burma) rather than an obviously needed trip to Israel:  “It’s a puzzlement!”

While a mild case could be made for the first-ever visit by a sitting US president to Myanmar to discuss economic strategies for a country whose GNP is growing, it is hard to believe that anything we are told by the White House will be even close to the truth.  So, let’s just suppose for a minute that there is another reason.  What would it be?  Would it be the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the country on 10 November?  That’s not likely, because the earthquake happened after the White House announced the president’s trip.

Or could it be more closely related to the deaths of illegal Muslim immigrants that has Mr. Obama so concerned that he would go to Myanmar whilst the economic cliff that he had him so concerned during his re-election campaign is getting even closer – much the same as the production of an Iranian nuclear weapon that threatens the destruction of Israel?  Just saying.

In Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslim population, all of whom are illegal immigrants, has been getting a taste of their own medicine, as decades of fighting between them and native ethnic Buddhists has escalated over the past six months.  Around 80 Muslims are known dead and as many as 110,000 are homeless.  About 200 more are presumed dead at this point as they were attempting to traverse the Bay of Bengal to escape their persecution in Myanmar, only to be lost at sea.

Unlike illegal immigrants in the US, the Rohingyas have lived in Myanmar for generations without ever having been granted citizenship or any of the other rights of Burmese citizens.  Perhaps the president wants to discuss the ever-so-successful way the United States handles illegal immigrants here by granting them just about everything they need to live comfortably at the expense of the American taxpayers.  Adding to the mix that we still don’t know for sure that President Obama is an American citizen, he can probably tell the Myanmar government how well things have worked out for him.  On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that Myanmar wants Muslims involved in their country or their government.

Or perhaps Mr. Obama is going to suggest a “two-state” solution for Myanmar.  After all, it is what he and the Arabs have planned for Israel.  Actually, the two-state solution is just an obvious precursor to better positioning the Muslim Arabs for their one-state solution for Israel, whereby they rule Israel and the world from their new capital of Jerusalem.

This writer is probably making way to big a deal about the visit to Myanmar.   There’s only one thing that concerns me.  If it really took the president as long as he claimed that it did for him to become aware of the terrorist attack in Benghazi when he was in Washington, I wonder how long it would take him to hear of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel when he is in Myanmar.  Ah, well.  He probably doesn’t care.

But we do.  We care very much about what is going on in this world, especially in the Middle East, and particularly with regard to Israel.  We believe that the Jews have been set apart from other nations by God Himself.  We believe that the State of Israel is a direct fulfillment of the prophecy that Israel would be gathered together from among the nations.  We believe that the current conflicts in the Middle East are setting the table for end of the age.  We believe that America has been especially blessed by God for supporting Israel in the past and that we will suffer His curse if we withdraw our support of her.  We believe we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the Psalmist instructed us to do, (Psalm 122:6) even if our president is off wandering around the world.  Would you pray for the peace of Jerusalem with us?

For more background information on this story, please see the Wikipedia page about the Rohingya, the Khaleej Times, Voice of America News, and Al Jazeerah.

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