Never Forget to Lie

Never Forget to Lie - Jerusalem Prayer TeamMarian Marzynski is a Polish Jewish documentary film maker who has spent more than 40 years in the media as a journalist and television show host.  According to him one of his greatest accomplishments was becoming an avid liar.

At the age of five he lied to find food and shelter.  As a child in the Warsaw Ghetto, Marzynski lied to survive.

Marzynski was just a toddler when Germany invaded Poland.  In 1940, he and his family, along with 400,000 Jews, were herded into 1.3 miles of the city which had been cordoned off for the ghetto.  Over the next two years all of his relatives were exported to the camps.  Upon hearing that all children were going to be sent to the death camps his parents decided to smuggle him out of the ghetto.  Realizing that his survival on the outside depended on his passing as a Christian, they drilled him over and over about how to behave.  They told him to never tell anyone you are a Jew.  “Never forget to lie”.

Once out he lived with several Christian families before being placed in a Catholic orphanage, where he remained until the end of the war.  His mother managed to survive the ghetto and escape.  While being transported to the Majdanek concentration camp, his father jumped off the train and was successful in contacting his mother.  They managed to meet twice in barns and shacks.  Soon after their last visit, the Germans found his father’s hideout in the forest.  He didn’t make it out.

After he and his mother were reunited, they decided to stay in Warsaw and rebuild their lives.  He recalls that the family tried to forget the horrors of the war.  He still would not admit being a child of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Marzynski said, “The war touched everyone.  All of the children were the children of the war.  It was just a degree of how many people you lost and how they were killed.”

Now documentary filmmaker, he dedicates his life to discovering truths about how the Holocaust has haunted himself other children who survived.  He says, “My childhood haunts me and I need closure.  I want to share with other people the suffering of the children.  We are not the Jews who went to the camps to die.  We didn’t have numbers on our arms.  We kept quiet.”

While filming the documentary, “Never Forget to Lie” one of the hardest and most terrifying moments for Marzynski came when he made his first visit to the forest in Poland where his father was killed.  He recalled his father’s last meeting with his mother.  He had given her his watch to pass onto their son.  He had carried that watch with him his whole life.

When he himself gave thought of passing the watch on to his children he realized, “My children don’t need this watch, for them it’s just a watch.  I’m afraid these memories I have will start to be useless, like that watch.  I made this film not only for myself but for others.  This tragedy has to be carried to the next generation…never to be forgotten.”

May we never forget.   May we never forget the precious children who suffered during the Holocaust – those who survived, as well as those who did not.  The nightmares of such torture torment the minds of survivors for as long as they live.  Our prayers for the peace of Jerusalem and protection of Israel (Psalm 122:6) are needed because her enemies are still planning to bring her to complete destruction.  But we know that is not in God’s plan for Israel.  Never again.  Never again.

To learn more about the life of Marian Marzynski please see The Jewish Advocate, J Space, Wikipedia, and The Boston Globe.

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