From Mike Evans in Israel

I recently arrived in Israel, and I will be heading toward Haifa soon to meet with the mayor, an old friend of mine, as well as other local leaders to get an update on the recovery efforts and to learn how we may help the victims who have lost so much. I will be there as your ambassador to bring comfort and hope to these grieving people.

Thousands were forced to flee their homes, and many returned home to find everything they owned had been destroyed. Hundreds of homes, businesses, farms, and schools must be rebuilt. It is our work of this moment for us to show God’s love to the Chosen People who are in desperate need today. I am asking you to join me in sending a special Chanukah gift of compassion and love so that we can help meet the urgent need. The most basic of supplies are needed to help the precious people who lost so much begin the process of recovery.

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